Ski Mt Buller This Winter!

Every September, Mount Buller hosts two World Cup races organised by the International Ski Federation. This year it will also host the Victorian Snow Sports Championship with over 3,000 participants. Its summit face is also popular with ice climbers in winter.

Mt Buller has the most snow-covered accommodation in Victoria, with options to suit every budget. There are over 30 restaurants and bars, Australia's tallest day spa, cinema, chapel, fitness center, climbing wall, trampoline, museum, childcare facilities, supermarket, medical centre, post office, and information centre. Mount Buller has two off-piste parks for all abilities and a dedicated ski team to maintain your fitness.

Mt Buller ski area has become a destination for winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world with over 300 hectares of riding terrain and fantastic mountain views. Just three hours from Melbourne, it's the perfect retreat from the city. During the day, visitors can take a free shuttle bus from the Mt Bullers chairlift to the ski resorts.

Mt Buller is one of only three ski resorts in Victoria. This is due to the fact that there are fewer ski resorts in the southern hemisphere in winter than in the northern hemisphere and that there are many seasonal workers chasing winter.

The closure was a major blow to Victoria's already battered tourism industry. The 2021 ski season was supposed to be a respite for the northeastern Victorian town of Mount Beauty, but now clouds are hanging over the city. Ski resorts across Australia have coped well with this year's obstacles.

The city relies on the ski season to pump millions of dollars into the economy each year. Rocky Valley Bikes and Snow Sports in the northwest Victorian town of Mount Beauty recorded record ski season bookings for the 2021 season. Glenyse Peacock, president of the Mount Beauty Chamber of Commerce and owner of the Rocky Valley, is monitoring bookings despite the recent state closures.

Victorian ski resort Mt Buller has said preparations for the 2021 winter season at the resort have begun to make a lot of snow. The Mount Hotham Skiing Company said it was continuing to prepare for the opening weekend.

The high season is full of skiers, snowboarders and families who want to see snow on the slopes in winter. The resort staff are busy preparing for the winter and look forward to welcoming guests to the slopes. The Victorian resort of Mt Buller is counting on the long-awaited start of the 2021 winter season to make up for what has happened in just a few weeks with a second snowfall for skiers and snowboarders eager to return to the slopes.

The slopes are thick with white snow, making them a paradise for skiers and snowboarders. For those who do not like skiing, but still want to enjoy snow, the best time to visit slopes is when spring begins, usually September. The holidays are full of snow activities, so it is best to choose the end of July and August.

Guided snowshoe tours are offered at one of the many rental stations in the mountains. Figgle short skis are a great alternative to traditional skiing, where the same skills are used. They are available at most mountain rental shops and allow you to add a new dimension of freedom and variety to your ski - riding.

Jump off Horse Hill and the # 1 Blue Bullet chairlifts and enjoy a breathtaking ride on the Mt Buller slopes. The Horse Hill chairlift on the north slope leaves every day from the car park and takes you to the Spurs restaurant. The Blue Bullet runs along Bourke Street and allows you to watch the action from above.

From mid-July to September ski or snowboard every Wednesday and Saturday at the stars on Mt Buller's popular Bourke Street piste, from mid-July to September. Hop on a bus, rent a car or grab a charter chopper and you're on top of the world at Mount Buller. When the sun goes down, the lights come on, so that night skiing is possible from 7 to 10 pm.

Enjoy the spectacular views as you whizz down the slopes on skis, snowboards or toboggans for an eventful day out or extended holiday. Located just three hours "drive from Melbourne, Mount Buller is Australia's most accessible large snow resort and the leading ski resort for snow lovers in the country and around the world.

After a large deposit of late spring snow and easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, Australia Regional Council is now open for another day MT Buller. The event is open until 28 September for season ticket holders, as a thank you for their support throughout the season.

Since 1984, the Buller has been operated by two lift companies, with skiers needing to buy two lift passes to climb the mountain. Transport was provided from and to Mt Buller Mountain Village by Mansfield Mountain Buller Bus Line Pty Ltd., but due to a change of provider for the 2019 snow season, TravelSafe Bus Hire Pty Ltd. was appointed as the official transit provider for the mountain for a year, resulting in a 10-year exclusivity contract.

TravelSafe Bus Hire Pty Ltd and Mansfield Mount Buller Bus Lines Pty Limited co-exist in Mt Buller Mountain Village, with both TravelSafe and Mansfields Bus Lines providing transport. See Work Snow Season in Australia for more information on obtaining a visa for Australia. On the hill there are bars and restaurants you can contact for jobs.

The Buller Jobs page has a dedicated page for instructors, as a large number of European and North Americans come here in the southern hemisphere for winter. If you are available for the weekend training, which takes place twice a month during the season beginning in mid-May. You can go through the application process for lift operations here, or you need to be in Melbourne to be hired.


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